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Hot Sauce

Are you a fan of hot sauce? Our sauces are made with all natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives, gluten, grain and soy. Whether you like it mild with bright citrus notes, medium with a sweet undertone or hotter than hot. We have a sauce for you, that will ignite your taste buds and enhance your food.

Seasoned Salt

Our handmade Kosher salts are infused with flavor and heat, try any of our 3 specialty salts to add a little spark to your meals.

Seasonal and Limited Edition

We are always trying new and exciting things. Keep your eye out for our Limited Editions and Seasonal items from hot sauces to jams, marinades and even sweet treats.



The artists of Handler Unlimited, LLC proudly bring you the Angry Marine Pepper Company. 
Small batch, artisan products handmade from locally grown ingredients in Virginia Beach. USMC veteran owned & family operated.
Born into a family of culinary enthusiasts, restaurateurs & master gardeners, who have historically been experimenting with new & exciting flavors for decades, discovering the art of the hot pepper became an obsession for us.
We have created some amazing hot sauces, salts & other wonderfully hot items for your enjoyment.
A sleek combination of flavor combined with pure heat has yielded some fantastic recipes. By using the simplest of ingredients your food will be enhanced with heat not obliterated by it & your taste buds will explode with the delightful aromatics of some of the world’s hottest peppers. We have masterfully created our products to ignite your senses.



We’ve got the best tasting products waiting for you. Get in touch with us today to make your order!

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

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