Article 81 Conspiracy

Article 81 Conspiracy



"A secret plan to do something illegal or harmful."

We haven't done anything like that. The only thing we've conspired to do, is to ignite your taste buds with our flavorful sauce. It packs a punch with the hotter than hot Carolina Reaper pepper, tamed down by the sweetness of peaches and carrots. Try it & you'll be an instant fan

Conspiracy mellows out the super hot Carolina Reaper with a blend of aromatic Cayenne & sweet front notes of peaches, that slowly build into a nice heat. Great with meats, dairy & sauces


    An aromatic blend of Cayenne & the super-hot Carolina Reaper that's mellowed out by a sweet front notes of fresh peaches & carrots. (medium heat)

    Vinegar, onions, peaches, carrots, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice, garlic, salt, Carolina Reaper peppers, cayenne pepper, chili powder & pepper.

    Great with meats, dairy & sauces


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