Article 86 AWOL

Article 86 AWOL



"Absent from one's post without the intention to desert." There are no deserters in these ranks, but once you taste the flavor of our Ghost Pepper hot sauce you'll leave all the rest behind. The Ghost Pepper has a long history for its culinary values, use as a homeopathic remedy & even as a weapon. Our recipe extracts the aromatic flavor of this pepper, then lets the heat sneak up on you.

AWOL packs a punch with an upfront balst of heat that slowly mellows into a nice warm burn. Great on any dish that you want to kick up the heat on. 



    A straight up hot sauce that packs a punch with an upfront blast of heat from a double dose of fresh & powder Ghost peppers that slowly mellows into a nice warm burn.

    Vinegar, onions, carrots, lemon & lime juice, garlic, salt, ghost peppers, chili powder, white pepper. (hot)

    Kicks up most dishes, and is a great everyday hot sauce


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